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Electric Vehicle Thermal Management for VW’s new EV

April 1, 2019
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As governments move to further restrict emissions, the automotive OEMs anticipate that electric vehicles (EVs) will play an essential role in reducing emissions in the upcoming years. Therefore, substantial efforts are focused on enhanced thermal management of electric components to achieve maximum performance when operating under various conditions.

MotoRad is taking part in one of the most cutting-edge EV projects for one of the German OEM leaders. MotoRad will develop and supply a thermostat for the main cooling circuit for a key EV platform.

The thermostat start of production is planned for 2019. It will be manufactured on a fully automated production line at MotoRad that will operate in a controlled environment and a monitored temperature. The thermostat is designed to ensure the right temp to the battery cells in order to optimize life time and performance. All internal components are a unique development & technology done by MotoRad.

EV thermostat



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