Meet Itay Peer – our Senior Product Manager

November 10, 2021
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Tell us a little bit about you and your team

The Product team is responsible for the development and production process of all new items that enter the market. What leads us is uncompromising professionalism, reliable data and understanding the value of good service.

When I joined MotoRad almost 4 years ago I was a young mechanical engineer with very little interest in cars. Since then, I’ve grown as a professional and today I eat, sleep and breath the automotive business and I love every aspect of it.

I believe in innovation that is backed up by numbers and is aligned with the DNA of MotoRad which is to be at the front of new technology at all times.

How do you decide which items should be introduced to the market each year?

Our key to success is DATA, DATA and some more DATA. This means that we have great models that take the number of vehicles of a single brand or type that are sold yearly in the UK, for example, and extract a projected number of thermostats that would fail during this year, thus enabling the customer to keep the right stock size. This provides great value for the purchaser because he knows in advance the market demand and can build his purchasing strategy accordingly. This is how we convert data into business value.

The data we have allows MotoRad to create new opportunities for us and our customers. These distributors prefer to buy from a trusted manufacturer like MotoRad with over 60 years of experience, and they also know that when they work with us, they have access to the full range of products, marketing materials and market-oriented data that we offer.


What kind of data do your customers receive?
We treat our customers as our partners, so sharing our knowledge with them comes very naturally.  A good example would be our unique Training sessions – each session revolves around a specific technology or line of products, we analyze trends in the industry and provide solutions to common issues, based on our data and experience.


The part our distributors are the most excited about is the sales kit, which is essentially a kit with examples and product specs designed to enhance their sales capabilities.

The Training sessions can be conducted on premise or remotely using Zoom or Teams, which is a massive added value.

How many trainings session do you conduct yearly?

Around 12-15 sessions, they are huge success. I am proud to say our unique Training program is the flagship tool of MotoRad!


What kind of marketing tools do you provide the customer with?
For example, we provide visual aid in a form of a thermostat sample case. Judging by the feedback we receive, this is a great marketing tool. The more satisfied your customers are and the more knowledgeable they are as professionals, the bigger your sales will grow.
I do miss looking like 007 walking around the airport with a black case, but during these unusual times, we just ship it directly to our customers.

What does the training session look like during Covid 19 restrictions?
In pre-covid times the training session was an opportunity for us to meet our customers personally and create a full day session with all the information, including the ability to evolve the personal connection during a coffee break or a dinner. Now, with Covid around, we do most of our sessions via Teams or Zoom having shipped all the relevant marketing materials directly to our distributors in advance. The training session is approximately 4 hours long, and it is tailor-made to the needs of the customer and the market. Even my sense of humor changes depending on the audience. Since it is online, we also provide a recorded version of the session for our customers’ future use.

What will be MotoRad’s next step?
MotoRad’s future is to become a one-stop shop for cooling systems for our customers. We are working constantly on opening new product categories and penetrating the cooling system market in Europe.

We follow the new trends in the automotive business, we see the roadmap very clearly, and we know what category is next to explode. EV, for example, is something that we look at as the future of the automotive industry and we are learning and exploring this field extensively.

My team and I are working on new and exciting categories that will enter the market in the beginning of 2022. We now have the most comprehensive offering of caps in the industry, and we look forward to making it even bigger.

Our goal is to provide best quality products and lead the market with our wide knowledge and high-level service.


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