our r&d process

MotoRad’s Unique Market-Oriented R&D Process

January 12, 2022
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our r&d process

Every year we release to market around 30 new products.

How do we decide which items should be developed next?

MotoRad have a special decision-making process to determine which products will make the cut each year.

Data is what leads us in the R&D process; we determine our product portfolio according to market needs and we back our decisions with numbers and facts.

MotoRad’s New Product Development program is based on several data generators that allow us to filter and refine our new product choices, and from that we provide our customers with an accurate product portfolio, year after year.

We strive to provide our customers with the largest and most precise product range.

At the beginning of the R&D process, we test the potential yearly sales of each item in each region with a combination of several technical parameters to determine if that part will be relevant for a specific market or if it has sell-out potential.

A combination of data, such as market share, product age, and life cycle, leads us to an output that helps us establish a decisive plan as to which items should be developed each year.

Our experience of over 60 years in combining data with market knowledge allows us to develop the most relevant items for our customers all over the world.

MotoRad’s experts have used this decision-making process for our upcoming 2022 projects.

We share this valuable information with our customers and provide them with a category management model that allows them to reach their full market potential with every product.

This one-of-a-kind service package comes as a part of the category management offer.

Our mission is to make the category easy to manage and predict the needs of the customers in the most reliable way.

As a part of our service, we closely study both the market and the customer. We create a model demonstrating which items they should have on stock and the quantity needed to satisfy their customers. We see this level of close support as a partnership between us and our customers. This partnership includes a high service level that goes hand in hand with reliable data and a customized stock model.

MotoRad will provide all the information and market analysis in order to create a fully functional thermal management category.

Our customers let us do the hard work for them and we get the job done!

We invite you to be a partner of ours!


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