Top 6 reasons for choosing MotoRad® thermostats

  • More than 60 years of expertise and top quality in the OEM and Aftermarket business
    MotoRad manufactures more than 20 million parts annually in its most modern production facilities in Israel and Mexico.
  • Wide range of European, American and Asian applications coverage
    MotoRad covers more than 90% of the car park in Europe, adding ~ 30 new parts every year.
  • Leader in engineering know-how and innovations
    • Dozens of newly developed products every year being 1st to market
    • Innovative products for the OEM and Aftermarket
    • In house CAD analysis, simulation, validation, and testing
  • Data and category management expertise
    Using unique computerized tools, MotoRad analyzes on a regular basis the car parc (VIO), failure rate, new to range, market trends and more in order to constantly provide future developments and inventory recommendation to its customers.
  • Excellent customer service
    MotoRad is close to its customers (Europe, North America, Mexico) offering quick, flexible and efficient on time delivery.
  • Compliance with the strict industry standards
    MotoRad obtained all certificates (IATF 16949, ISO 140001, ISO 45001) thus demonstrating consistent standards of excellence in the automotive industry. Millions of cars around the globe stay cool and keep running at optimum performance at all times with MotoRad.

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