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What it takes to do the job right!

June 26, 2022
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MotoRad received the WITTDTJR award from AutoZone, in recognition for its longstanding partnership. At its annual event in Memphis, Tennessee, Bill Hazckney, AutoZone’s Senior Vice President, Merchandising, Customer Satisfaction, said: “Thanks to their collaboration and innovation, MotoRad helped AutoZone exceed our customers’ expectations. They expanded their premium FAIL-SAFE thermostat offering, identified multiple thermostat assemblies with redesigned technology to deliver safer, better-quality parts and continued to provide ‘best in class’ DIY and commercial category growth.”

MotoRad could not be prouder of this accolade, which comes when the automotive industry is still facing many challenges in the form of supply-chain disruption, as global production and flow of goods have not returned to what they were prior to the pandemic.

Shortages in the semiconductor industry, transportation disruptions, and the more recent Russian-Ukrainian conflict all contributed (and continue to affect) supply chains around the world. All these require companies to be more responsible and flexible so products can get to customers on time and within budget.

The award was presented for MotoRad Excellence in Supply Chain, in recognition for maintaining the supply chain at a steady and continuous level, despite the challenges in recent years.

MotoRad continues working towards providing best products and services to our customers, wherever they are, and in a timely fashion. This is facilitated by our global manufacturing locations in Germany, Israel, Mexico, and the US, which allow us to ship virtually any part our customers need, anywhere in the world. Our supply chains, well-stocked inventories and, above all, our professional teams, enable us to continue supporting perfect operation of millions of vehicles 24/7 globally.


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