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Ausfallsichere Thermostate

Don’t be stranded on the side of the road because your engine overheated and your conventional thermostat failed in the closed position keeping coolant from flowing to the engine. Buy the best Thermostat on the market, the Fail-Safe Thermostat from Motorad. Why is the Fail-Safe the best thermostat? Under normal operating temperatures, the Fail-Safe operates in the same manner as a conventional thermostat. However, when your vehicle overheats due to a deteriorating cooling system part, a standard thermostat locks in the closed position blocking the flow of coolant to the engine. Motorad’s patented Fail-Safe Thermostat is the only thermostat that automatically locks in the open position allowing coolant to circulate freely throughout the engine during the overheating process. This can protect your engine from a more costly repair.

Once the Fail-Safe thermostat does its job of allowing coolant to continue to flow to the engine during an overheating by locking in the open position, you must replace it with a new one. There are standard thermostats, then there is the Motorad Fail-Safe Thermostat. Ask for MotoRad’s Fail-Safe Thermostat the next time you need a new thermostat.


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