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MotoRad offers the best coverage of Thermostat auto in the world for almost any vehicle and engine on or off the road. MotoRad Auto thermostat play a critical role in maintaining the working temperature of the engine.

This positively affects the efficiency of the combustion and the transfer of power, the consumption of fuel, the emission of pollutants and the life of the engine and Thermostat.

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Integrated Housing Thermostats

MotoRad integrated housing thermostats differ from traditional thermostats. They offer an all-in-one, bolt-on solution with the thermostat and housing integrated into one unit. This is a growing segment of thermostats with a large number of vehicles entering the replacement window.

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Automotive Thermostats

MotoRad automotive thermostats are state-of-the-art equipment and undergo strict quality control and functional testing. This ensures that customers can trust the level of quality of the products they use in their vehicles.

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Coolant Housings

MotoRad’s complete line offering of Coolant Housings is the newest addition to our category-leading full-line coverage of advanced thermal management solutions. MotoRad offers 529 coolant housings (or water outlets/inlets), as well as 28 thermostat assemblies.

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UltraStat® Thermostats

The new MotoRad UltraStat® thermostats are an innovative line offering many features and benefits over the original equipment. Heavy gauge stainless steel construction provides the most corrosion resistance of any thermostat on the market.

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Fail-Safe® Thermostats

MotoRad Fail-Safe® thermostats are designed to help protect your engine when overheating occurs. Based on premium, patented technology, they offer superior protection to any other thermostat on the market.

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