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Thermostat Install Tips

Overheating will cause damage to the engine and will also burn a thermostat throughout. A proper thermostat is in the engine to control heat, which occurs from the combustion of the fuel and does not add heat to the engine. If the air is not bled from the system the Fail-Safe thermostat can prematurely go […]

Thermal Shock Within Coolant System and How it Affects Gaskets

Low amounts of coolant and/or debris in the radiator can lead to a loss in the ability of the cooling system to do its job. This could result in the engine overheating. Thermal shock, the uneven expansion of materials, is created when the coolant temperature fluctuates rapidly and repeatedly. If thermal shock occurs, it almost […]

Locking Fuel Caps

When the cost of regular and diesel fuel rises, so does the rate of fuel theft. Protect your fuel investment with a MotoRad locking fuel cap. To install the cap, just twist the cap to the right until it clicks or it comes to a stop. While holding the cap, insert the key and turn […]

6 Ways to Winterize Your Vehicle

Now is the time to winterize your vehicle with these steps: • Be sure to have fresh coolant in your radiator as specified in your car’s owner’s manual. • Switch to a thinner oil during the frigid winter months. • Inspect your battery and make sure it is keeping a charge. • If you live […]

GM Specific Flushing Tip

Mixing conventional coolant, that’s ethylene gycol based, with the DEX-COOL that GM vehicles are filled with before leaving the manufacturing plant will significantly reduce the length of its service interval from 5 yrs/150,000 miles to 2 yrs/30,000 miles. In order to solve this issue, the cooling system needs to undergo two cycles of being flushed […]

Gas Cap Functionality

As a vehicle owner, you can’t do much about the price of fuel, but you can make sure you are not losing fuel to the atmosphere! One of the easiest and best ways to do this is by making sure your gas cap fits and seals properly. According to a leading industry association, almost 1 […]

3 Hazards of Using an Ill-Fitting Gas Cap

A gas cap that doesn’t fit right is a hazard to the owner and the environment in the following ways: 1. It allows fuel to evaporate and escape the gas tank and pollute the environment. 2. The efficiency of the fuel can be reduced — sometimes by as much as two percent. 3. It can […]

Popular Application / Industry Solution – Duralast 524KT

This part is an example of how Duralast provides innovative solutions to the market. The Duralast 37987 fits GM V8 engines from 1997-2003, nearly 5 million VIO. This part mounts to the water pump, and when the water pump design was changed in 2003-2004 (varies by model), they moved away from an integrated thermostat to […]

Don’t Just Replace the Thermostat!

A slowly failing, worn out or faulty radiator cap can result in overheating, loss of coolant or even major engine damage. One function of the radiator cap is to keep pressure on the cooling system. If the pressure on the system drops because of a failing radiator cap, the boiling point of the coolant also […]

Cooling System Overview

The purpose of the engine cooling system is to dissipate heat generated by the combustion of fuel within the engine and maintain a favorable operating temperature to prevent damage and enhance engine efficiencies. You wouldn’t change your oil without changing the oil filter, so why is it ok to put in a new radiator or […]

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